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Marvel Thunder Storm Mark ll

Thunder Storm Mark ll Review by Matt Williams - ( Nov 2020) Coming from a brand that has no problems pushing limits off-road, you know this van will go wherever you tell it [...]

The Marvel “Favourite”

The Favourite Review by Malcolm Street - (2020) Family caravans come in all shapes and sizes, particularly the offroad variety. Often to accommodate families with bunk beds, the caravans are quite long and [...]

Mighty Marvel

Marvel's Sea Breeze Sport Review by Tim Van Duyl - as featured in Caravan Worlds Best Aussie Vans 2018 "A tough offroader with a tiny price, Marvel's sensational Sea Breeze Sport was judged Best [...]

Buying New Versus Buying Second-Hand

Caravans can be expensive to buy and is why many of us opt to purchase a used caravan instead of a brand-new model. Whatever you are buying, it is important to do your [...]

Servicing your Caravan

When people think about servicing their van, they generally just think about the basics – Wheel nuts, tyre pressure and a general nut bolt and screw check, however there are a myriad of [...]

Water management when travelling

Free camping is quickly becoming our favourite way to camp, but learning how to maintain enough water while on the road is quite a process... Trying to conserve water while camping can [...]

Increasing the efficiency of your 3-Way fridge

It seems Australian summer time temperatures are forever on the increase. With so many of us heading off on our caravanning adventures during the warmer months, keeping our fridges cold is absolutely critical. [...]

What’s better…. a Single or Tandem Axle?

This is obviously a complex issue and is very much about personal preference more than any particular technical aspect. At the end of the day one is not better than the other, they [...]

Travelling in a group versus travelling solo

There are many ways to travel while exploring this beautiful landscape of Australia in your caravan. Some choose to travel solo whilst others like to travel in a group. Whether you choose to [...]

What to check before towing your caravan

You’ve become familiar with your Caravan. You know where everything is, you’ve kept your van well maintained, and your ready to pack for your on-road adventure… However, there are a few basic [...]

Marvel Runamuk pushes off-road boundries

Compact & Feature Packed Review by Michael Browning - Caravan & Camping Sales (2018) ‘Run a muck’ in the ultimate compact off-roader. At only 15′ long x 6’6″ wide this van will take you places [...]

Tow Vehicle Suspension Upgrades & Weight Distribution

Weight distribution and suspension are important to consider when towing a caravan. Modern 4WDs are designed to drive and handle like cars, therefore most will have relatively soft suspension. When you consider the [...]

Power needs, 12V 240V and Solar

When it comes to sizing up the things that you need for a system that will work well for you, sadly there is no standard set-up, there is no ‘one size fits all', almost [...]

Marvel Golden Child 2018 Review

Caravan World Magazine - Issue 575 by David Gilchrist Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is normally known for its beautiful long, golden beaches bathed in sunlight and hugging a shoreline that the blue waters of the [...]

Marvel Sea Breeze Sport 2018 Review

Caravan World Magazine - Issue 580 by John Willis Spiderman, Wolverine, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and the Sea Breeze; they are all Marvel creations, but only one will be your true friend on the [...]