Caravans can be expensive to buy and is why many of us opt to purchase a used caravan instead of a brand-new model. Whatever you are buying, it is important to do your homework before handing over your hard-earned money, and ensuring you are making the correct decision is even more critical when you are purchasing a used caravan through a private seller.

Buying a New Van

Buying new gives you access to all the latest design improvements, safety features, technologies, custom layouts, warranties and guarantees. They are also generally sleeker, lighter, more agile, with better suspension, and are easier to tow than their older counterparts.

Another great thing about buying new is that you can customise. With customised caravans you can choose all the details and be part of the build process or customise part of an existing model to suit your specific needs.

The options for customisation include things like changing the layout to suit your living style and adding luxury mod-cons and high-quality fittings & furnishings to the fit-out. Most importantly you can be part of the entire customisation process, from design to layout and final touches.

Buying a Second-Hand Van

While a second-hand caravan may contain more features you’re looking for at a lower price, the trade-off is that over time you may have to pay more for its repair, maintenance and upkeep, to keep it a safe and viable option on the road.

Older caravans offer less mod-cons than newer models with more outdated interiors, fit-outs, accessories and technologies. They also will show more wear and tear on both the exterior and interior, which can become an issue and affect their resale value down the track.

We would always suggest buying a second-hand caravan from a reputable dealer, as they will always back their product and you can be assured that you are buying a great used caravan that has been thoroughly checked by caravanning professionals.

Used caravans that are bought privately often don’t come with a warranty and may have hidden issues that you are not aware of. Knowing what to look for when you buy a used van is essential to avoid issues that may appear after the purchase.

At Sunseeker we offer many different models both new and second-hand at different price brackets, catering for all budgets and lifestyles.

At the end of the day, if you are new to caravanning and if budget enables – buy a new van…. that way you’re getting the van that is perfect for you, and one that will set you up for many years of caravanning adventures.