One of the trickiest parts of owning a caravan is dealing with it when your get home, as manoeuvring and storing your van can prove quite difficult, even for the most experienced caravanners.

It doesn’t matter how old or fit you are, pushing your home away from home around the yard isn’t easy.

Reversing your caravan is a fine art requiring years of practice to get right, and there are many drivers that don’t feel confident with maneuvering a van into a tight space at home.

So, what are your options for moving your caravan when dealing with a heavy van or tight areas?

Rear vision cameras

Make it easier to see what is happening at the back of the van, to see where you’re going without any guess work involved.

Manual power wheel

One of the simplest style of movers which are easy to install and use. They fit into standard jockey wheel clamps and using the ratchet handle can move your caravan. It’s not very fast but it’s a sure-fire way of moving your caravan into a tight space with ease.

Remote control

Remote controlled movers are very popular with caravan owners for good reason. These work by having two 12V drive motors, that engage the rear of the tyres on either side at the touch of a button via remote control, essentially turning your caravan into one very large remote-controlled car!

Alternatively, you could always go back to the old school way of getting the van moving with ease and that is – the tow bar tongue on the front bullbar….so you can literally just drive your van in to the narrow driveway, seeing down both sides of the van whilst getting into position.

Regardless of which option you choose, there’s no doubt that adding a mover to your collection of caravan accessories will make moving your caravan much easier with even the most physically frail caravan enthusiast moving a three-tonne van with ease.

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