When people think about servicing their van, they generally just think about the basics – Wheel nuts, tyre pressure and a general nut bolt and screw check, however there are a myriad of other bits and pieces that should be checked as part of on-going maintenance.

One thing that is commonly overlooked or forgotten all together is the wheel alignment on your van as not all Service Centres see it as a standard requirement or offer this as an option. This is surprising, because both Alko and Cruisemaster Suspension highly recommend and even see it as mandatory that you get a wheel alignment at between 1000 -1500 km.

Caravan owners need to realise that when the suspension is put on the van there is no weight on it, then once the van is built on top it takes a little while for the weight to settle and for the suspension to find its place. So, its usually about that 1000-1500 km mark that you really should get your van checked, get a wheel alignment and make sure all is set correctly. By doing this you will get a much longer life on your tyres and prevent bigger issues with your van overall.

Another misconception is, that because the van hasn’t done many km’s that there is no need to service it. Just like a car, if you haven’t used it in a while it is very important to get the van thoroughly checked before embarking on your next extended trip.

Wheel nuts is another big servicing requirement but is something that all caravan owners can do from home on a regular basis by investing in a cheap Torque Wrench.  It is recommended that all wheel nuts be torque set to 140Nm.

Although keeping up with the small servicing jobs at home, annual servicing by a trusted Caravan Service Centre is a must. By having your van serviced regularly, you will help prevent major damage, save on any expensive repair jobs, and ultimately extend the lifespan of your caravan.

At Sunseeker, we have a fully equipped service and repair facility to ensure our customers are always in good hands.

Servicing your caravan is an essential part of maintaining it. This ensures all your caravanning adventures are safe and enjoyable. You need to remember that you are towing a very heavy load and without regular and appropriate caravan maintenance you are posing a risk to yourself and others who are also travelling on the road, if you are not having your caravan serviced regularly.