When designing Marvel caravans, we implement features that make them distinctive, user-friendly and long-lasting. So, if people come back in five- or 10-years’ time to upgrade or downsize the van is going to come back to us looking almost as good as it did when first picked up.

External Features

Starting on the outside – like a house, it needs a good solid foundation, so we made sure the chassis across the entire range is made from Australian steel and all box section. The next thing we did is ensure the sides were made from 3mm Aluminium composite. Not only are they easy to clean and better insulated (which in Australia is important), but it also reduces the number of joins in the van by about 50.

So that’s 50 less chances of the van leaking with the added benefit of hail resistance. Recently we had a massive hailstorm here at the dealership and there wasn’t a dent or mark on any of the van’s roofs or sides.

Standard features on Marvel vans include Triple lock Security Door, remote LED lights and 1-piece fibreglass roof. We also make sure the tunnel boot is lined with Checker plate so as you’re throwing things in, you’re not going to damage the floor.

Internal Features

Internally, all the splash backs are full height acrylic splash backs so they’re long-lasting and you don’t have to worry about any air pockets forming behind them.

The bench tops are all post-form roll edge. It looks magnificent and if you drop something on it it’s not going to catch the edge of it and chip it.

We use the biggest possible windows in the van that we can, and we do that by using 38 x 19 framework either side and that gives it a lot of strength.

And by having bigger windows, there’s better ventilation the van feels light and airy – overall, it’s a much nicer atmosphere!

On the cabinetry, we use all Dorset handles – there’s no push buttons. So, for people with arthritis, or younger ones with nails, it’s an easy, simple self-locking movement. Piano hinges feature also, which is a huge bonus, especially once you start getting into the off-road usage.

We use the biggest possible fridge available in all our vans as standard, plus they all come with solar, batteries and air conditioners. They’re setup for the Australian lifestyle whether visiting caravan parks or going out to the Birdsville Races.

Evolution over time

The Marvel brand is now just over 18 months old and has seen some vast improvements over that time.

The Golden Child model was introduced, which provides a dedicated range for just families. There are several innovative designs ranging from 18 to a custom 23.5-foot, six berth van with four bunks.

The Thunderstorm range was expanded and the Runamuk introduced, which is an amazing piece of gear. It will go just about anywhere you can possibly take it  tracking at the same width as your vehicle.

The Runamuk took a lot of ‘R&D’ to get it to the point where it’s now magic! It’s radically different to anything else in the market with all the benefits of a hybrid, but with the luxuries inside of a caravan.

Across the range, we’ve also improved the battery management systems. We moved to the “Projecta” brand after they brought out a new intelligence system. Projecta have been in Australia for a long time, meaning they’re a known brand that’s built up a good reputation. The PM200 used in the Sea Breeze, Sea Breeze Sport and Golden Child, is very user-friendly with digital displays, with water level indicators just inside the door.

The Runamuk and Thunderstorm use the upgraded PM300 which shows state of charge for everything. They’re an awesome unit!

We’ve also changed the way we do our cabinetry. The factory invested in a state-of-the-art C&C machine…. so basically, everything’s computer cut, it’s pre-drilled and pinpoint accurate, whilst maintaining the traditional look.

Piano hinges are used throughout to maintain strength with all drawers being metal sided.

The latest 2020 vans are coming with new external lights with both white and amber modes as standard across the range. So, if you’ve got mosquitoes, you can use the amber external light which doesn’t attract the bugs as much!

The new vans also feature remote lighting, which means all your internal and external lights can be turned on and off using the remote in your pocket.

To summarise, we’ve expanded the range, we’ve improved the management systems and the internal fit outs. We’re committed to continually improving based on our own usage and from the great feedback from our customers.

Whether it’s positive or negative, we take on board all feedback to build a better product and we’ll continue to do so in the future!

Listen to the live interview with JC at Sunseeker HQ.