Weight distribution and suspension are important to consider when towing a caravan. Modern 4WDs are designed to drive and handle like cars, therefore most will have relatively soft suspension. When you consider the average ball weight of caravans is between 250 – 350 kgs, (quite a significant pay load), plus any additional weight in the back of the car (slide out fridges & draws, tools etc),  you can easily be carrying excess of ½ tonne at the back of your vehicle.

As a result, the vehicle will drop down at the back causing the front wheels to pop up a little, effecting the efficiency of the braking and handling. It is very important to rectify this to ensure safe towing.

Weight Distribution Hitches

The are a few different options to do this, however, the tried and proven technique which has been around for years is the Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitch. This links the caravan to the tow vehicle in combination with the coupling to improve the towability and help share the load between the caravan and the tow vehicle. It sits between the car and the van and essentially throws the weight back onto the front wheels of the vehicle, levelling it out, stiffening it up so it a lot safer

The Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Systems helps to ensure a smooth, level ride and allows you to tow to the maximum capacity allowed by your hitch. It also helps to correct tow vehicle sag, improve steering and stopping,

Suspension upgrades

More and more people are having suspension upgrades done on their towing vehicles and is something all caravanners should consider for a smoother, safer drive.

Decide what you like and don’t like about the drive feel when towing your van, then, you will know exactly what you want to change.

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