Free camping is quickly becoming our favourite way to camp, but learning how to maintain enough water while on the road is quite a process…

Trying to conserve water while camping can prove to be a bit challenging at times. Follow these simple steps to learn how to manage your water consumption while camping for extended periods of time, as running out of water will end your trip sooner than running out of battery power.


Endeavour to keep showers under 2 minutes long and shower the kids together if possible. When showering, wet yourself all over, turn off the water while you soap yourself and shampoo your hair, then turn the shower back on to rinse yourself off. Baby wipes also make an excellent choice for people of all ages to have a quick wash when water is scarce. Another great idea is to carry a few plastic spray bottles filled with a little bit of liquid soap and water. These are great to use to wash grubby hands and faces with just a few squirts. And, if you really don’t mind roughing it a little and are camping near the water – live by the rule of “3 swims a day constitutes as a shower!”


Use disposable kitchen wipes for cleaning benches, tables, food preparation surfaces and even the toilet bowl, saving your water for instances when you have no other options.

Washing the dishes

Limit washing up to once a day, use a small amount of dish soap so you dont have to rinse as much, and remember to scrape off any remaining food into the trash prior to washing them in the sink in order to reduce to amount of water necessary to clean the dishes. Even consider using paper plates on occasion.

Laundry tips

Use a bucket of water to wash clothes and if you can, take enough clothes so that you don’t need to wash during your trip or if you are on the move, pull into a laundrette and use their water!

Toilet tips

Only flush if necessary and if you also have an internal shower, save the used shower water to flush the toilet. Or even better where possible just use the amenities provided to save your water.

Collect rain water

The water collected could certainly be used for a multiple of other chores.

If caravanning, always make sure the water tanks in your van are completely full before heading off and ALWAYS carry a backup water supply in case of emergency. There are many options available when it comes to storing water when travelling, from jerry cans, water bladders, large water containers, 4 litre water containers purchased from the local supermarket and a great idea is to carry some collapsible water containers with you as you may come across a water fill where you least expect.

Storing water when camping is important and cannot be underestimated. This is especially true when free camping in the dry remote areas of Australia.

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