Caravan World Magazine – Issue 580
by John Willis

Spiderman, Wolverine, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and the Sea Breeze; they are all Marvel creations, but only one will be your true friend on the road — or off it for that matter. The Marvel Sea Breeze Sport 18 is a strong, offroad caravan that will stay true in your quest for the perfect campsite. It’s good for a long run through thick and thin throughout the rigours of our great Australian continent. I’d like to say it has powers and abilities far beyond those of its rivals, but perhaps my imagination is running away with me.

Now, back to Earth. The Marvel Sea Breeze Sport 18 caravan is simply a ripper. For me it’s an ideal size, whether you tow with a large family vehicle, mid-range or large 4WD. Any bigger can become a nightmare and fall into the realm of maxi-towing. Any smaller restricts the facilities, flexibility and comforts for long term touring and in my opinion takes away any opportunity of what I would define as sensible ‘offroad’.

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